E. 1999 Eternal  

Da Introduction
East 1999
Crept And We Came
Down '71 (The Getaway)
Mr. Bill Collector
Budsmokers Only
Me Killa
Land Of Tha Heartless
No Shorts, No Losses
1st Of Tha Month
Buddah Lovaz
Die Die Die
Mo' Murda
Shotz To Tha Double Glock

The Art Of War  

Handle The Vibe
Look Into My Eyes
Body Rott
It's All Mo' Thug
Ready 4 War
Ain't Nothin Changed (Everyday Thang Part II)
Clog Up Yo Mind
It's All Real
Mind Of A Souljah
If I Could Teach The World
Family Tree
Mo Thug
Thug Luv
Hatin Nation
7 Sign
Wasteland Warriors
Neighborhood Slang
U Ain't Bone
Get' Cha Thug On
All Original
Blaze It
Let The Law End
Whom Die They Lie
Evil Paradise
Mo' Thug - Family Tree


Show 'Em
The Righteous Ones
2 Glocks
Murder One
Souljahs Marching
Servin' Tha Fiends
Resurrection (Paper, Paper)
Can't Give It Up
Weed Song
Change The World
Don't Worry
Mind On Our Money
No Way Out
One Night Stand

Thug World Order  

Bone Bone Bone
Guess Who's Back
What About Us
Get Up & Get It
Bad Weed Blues
All The Way
Pump, Pump
Set It Straight
Money, Money
Not My Baby
Cleveland Is The City
If I Fall
Pump pump


Nation Of Thugs
Not That Nigga
Bone Thug Soldier
I'm Bone
Sweet Jane
Everyday Thugs
Don't Waste My Time
Young Thugs
Remember Yesterday
So Many Places

Uni-5: The World's Enemy  

The Law (Intro)
See Me Shine
Only God Can Judge Me
Wanna Be
My Life
Fearless (Interlude)
Meet Me In The Sky
A New Mind = A New Life (Interlude)
Pay What They Owe
Facts Don't Lie
My Street Blues

Lost Archives Vol.1  


Faces Of Death  

Flow Motion
Everyday Thang
Def Dick
Sons Of Assassins
Hell Sent
#1 Assassin
We Be Feindin'
Bless Da 40 Oz.
Ganksta Attitude
Thuggish Ruggish Bone
No Surrender
Down Foe My Thang
Creepin On Ah Come Up
Foe Tha Love Of $

Strength & Loyalty  

Flow Motion
Bump In The Trunk
Wind Blow
I Tried
Lil' L.O.V.E.
Order My Steps (Dear Lord)
Gun Blast
Candy Paint
So Good, So Right
Sound The Same
Never Forget Me
The Future
Just Vibe

Thug Stories  

Call Me
Thug Stories
She Got Crazy
Don't Stop
Do It Again
So Sad
What U See (Reload)
Stand Not In Our Way
Still No Surrender
This Life
Tear The Roof Off
Cleveland Thug Boyz
Our Streetz
Intro (Thug Stories)

Other songs

Change The World (U-Neek's Remix)
D.O.A. (Death Of Auto-Tune) (Remix)
Days Of Our Livez
Frontline Warrior
Get Up And Get It
Ghetto Cowboy
Look Into My Eyes (Atlantis Remix)
Pay What You Owe
Shoot 'Em Up
This Ain't A Game
Thug Music Plays On
Take The Lead Wanna Ride
Back In The Day
Flow Motion2
Bone Thugs Boys
Playing The Game
C Land I.A.
Don't Hate On Me
2 Glocks(U-Neek's Remix)
All Good
Hook It Up
Can't Give It Up (Rock Remix)
I Am The King
So Good So Right
Dont Waste My Time
Change The World Extended Version
Crossroads Original Mix
Down 71 Original Version
Fuck Tha Police
Lead Me Guide Me
Power Of Aa Smile
Servin Tha Friends
So Crazy
Sticky Icky
Strictly For My Grind
Tha Crossroads Remix
The Points
The Points D.J. U-Neeks Remix
The Points Easy Mo Bee Original Version
Thug Mentality
Toast 2 That
You N Me
Nuff Respect
Let Ya Self Go
Im Gone
A New Mind = A New Life Interlude
This Aint A Game
The Law Intro
Fearless Interlude
Facts Don Lie
What You See (Reload)
Lil L.O.V.E.
You Got My Back
Bumps In The Trunk
Sounds The Same
Into The Future
Im Bone
Wrong Vs. Right
1 Assassin
Tha Crossroads
Mr. Ouija 2
Hard Times (Interlude)
Mo' Thug (Interlude)
Hatin' Nation
Neighborhood Slang (Interlude)
T.W.O. Intro
Non-Fiction Words by Eazy-E
A Thug Nation Soldier Conversation (skit)
Mr Quija
Moe Cheese
Notorious Thugs
War (Battlecry Remix)
Fuck Tha Police (Remix)
Take The Lead Wanna Ride feat. Wisin and Yandel Fatman Scoop Melissa Jiménez
Music Makes Me High
Never Let You Down
The Originators
You Got My Back feat. Jodeci

Daddy Yankee
Y me gusta tanto cuando se pega pega
Y me guaya guaya
Y se pega pega
Cuando le sueltan el dembow
Dembow bow bow
So before leavin', yo it's a wise man I'm repeatin'
Two wrongs don't make a right, I believe in it makes a even
Paul Hardcastle
In 1965 Vietnam seemed like just another foreign war but it wasn't
It was different in many ways, as so were tose that did the fighting
In World War II the average age of the combat soldier was 26
In Vietnam he was 19
In-in-in Vietnam he was 19

The shooting and fighting of the past two weeks continued today
25 miles west of Saigon
I really wasn't sure what was going on

Ni-ni-ni 19, 19, ni-19 19
19, 19, 19, 19

In Vietnam the combat soldier typically served
A twelve month tour of duty
But was exposed to hostile fire almost everyday
Ni-ni-ni 19, Ni-ni-ni 19

Hundreds of thousands of men who saw heavy combat
In Vietnam were arrested since discharge
Their arrest rate is almost twice that of non-veterans of the same age
There are no accurate figures of how many of these men
Have been incarcerated

But a Veterans Administration study
Concludes that the greater of vets
Exposure to combat could more likely affect his chances
Of being arrested or convicted

This is one legacy of the Vietnam War

All those who remember the war
They won't forget what they've seen
Destruction of men in their prime
Whose average was 19

War, war

De-de-destruction, wa, wa, war, wa, war, war
War, war

After World War II the men came home together on troop ships
But the Vietnam vet often arrived home within 48 hours of jungle combat
Perhaps the most dramatic difference between
World War II and Vietnam was coming home
None of them received a hero's welcome

None of them received a heroes welcome, none of them, none of them
Ne-ne-ne, ne-ne-ne, none of them, none of them, none of them
None of them received a hero's welcome
None of them received a hero's welcome

According to a Veteran's Administration study
Half of the Vietnam combat veterans suffered from what
Psychiatrists call

Many vets complain of alienation, rage or guilt
Some succumb to suicidal thoughts
Eight to ten years after coming home
Almost eight hundred thousand men are still fighting the Vietnam War

Ni-ni-ni 19, 19, ni19 19
19, 19, 19, 19
Ni-ni-ni 19, 19, ni-19 19
19, 19, 19, 19

When we came back it was different, everybody wants to know
"How'd it happened to those guys over there?
There's gotta be something wrong somewhere
We did what we had to do

There's gotta be something wrong somewhere
People wanted us to be ashamed of what it made us
Dad had no idea what he went to fight and he is now
All we want to do is come home

All we want to do is come home
What did we do it for?
All we want to do is come home
Was it worth it